Friday, January 22, 2010

Where else do you need to be late at night anyway?

Late Night in the Bedroom is a really sweet online art show brought to you (I believe) by the folks at Whippersnapper Gallery. The last episode, filmed in our building here in Chinatown, featured an interview with the spectacular Laurie Kang (also known on blogto as the hot server from that hot restaurant) (also known for being a great photographer and also my studiomate, although probably I'm known as her studiomate since she's so much famouser than I am) (Laurie don't be mad that I said you were known for being the hot server - I just report the facts). There's also a beautiful little segment with Evening Hymns playing a song on the roof.

The taping was really fun, so you should try to get invited to the next one, taking place this wednesday at Show and Tell Gallery. I think Everything All The Time will be playing. Go to the Late Night website for the deets.

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The People Are Never Wrong

The Lust show at Beverly Owens came down a couple weeks ago. I was pretty pleased to find out that My piece Kiss Kiss won the people's choice award. Thanks people! I choose you too.

Here it is.