Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Cards

On sale as a fundraiser for Angel Chen's PAL-SAC. The next letter writing event take place on Monday December 13 at Naco Gallery Cafe, 1665 Dundas St. Write home everyone, your parents will love it.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giant Bison Romps Among the Dead Flowers in High Park

There are bison in the zoo in High Park. Isn't that amazing and depressing?

This one's in progress. It's giant, about 4' by 5'. There's a puddle of graphite powder on the floor underneath it.

Another One for the Baby

My niece's first birthday was last week. The occasion called for something extremely lovable.
The graphite and charcoal drawing mounted on a wood panel.

Post-wax pour (beeswax with a little damar). I think the wax confused the camera. The final image is much less blurry in real life.
A fuzzy blurry blob that in real life resembles a tiny adorable animal with a big head. Just like my niece.

By the time I finished the whole thing I realized that I've been thoroughly Disnified. Clover was the obvious choice when I was deciding what greenery to nestle the creature in. Let me break it down for you:

purple clover + rabbit = Bambi learning about The Meadow.

I guess that means I drew a baby Thumper, or preferably the baby version of that really sexy rabbit with the long ears who seduces him later on. She's a fox. I mean a rabbit.