Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another One for the Baby

My niece's first birthday was last week. The occasion called for something extremely lovable.
The graphite and charcoal drawing mounted on a wood panel.

Post-wax pour (beeswax with a little damar). I think the wax confused the camera. The final image is much less blurry in real life.
A fuzzy blurry blob that in real life resembles a tiny adorable animal with a big head. Just like my niece.

By the time I finished the whole thing I realized that I've been thoroughly Disnified. Clover was the obvious choice when I was deciding what greenery to nestle the creature in. Let me break it down for you:

purple clover + rabbit = Bambi learning about The Meadow.

I guess that means I drew a baby Thumper, or preferably the baby version of that really sexy rabbit with the long ears who seduces him later on. She's a fox. I mean a rabbit.

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