Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Encaustic Workshops in October

I think hot wax is a good companion to cool October weather. So let's say October is officially Wax Awareness month, which I'm celebrating by offering some new classes and workshops.

So many things to choose from:

Full day workshops in encaustic painting and collage (on the weekends).

Five week course in encaustic painting (during the week, daytime or evening).

Private Classes (whenever it suits you).

If you've already taken an encaustic workshop with me and would like the chance to practice without investing in your own equipment, then you'll be happy to hear that I'm now offering open studio time. For a few bucks an hour you can rent the full encaustic set up- hot plate, heat gun, exhaust fan- and work at your own pace.

If you see something you like but the timing doesn't work out, let me know. I'm pretty flexible.

Click on the image above for more info.

All classes take place at Leah Gold's studio in downtown Toronto, which is surrounded by delicious places to go for lunch. That's important information when deciding what to do with a precious Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two beautiful days in Trinity Bellwoods

The art fair this weekend was a lot of fun. I really appreciated all the kind words, and I especially appreciated the man who stopped by and stayed for a good ten minutes just to enjoy looking at the work. Thanks to everyone who purchased work for giving good homes to my creations.

I'll be sending out an e mail shortly with information on upcoming encaustic workshops. If you'd like to be added to that list, just shoot me an e mail at

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Queen West Art Crawl

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

I'll have a booth there this weekend.

September 19 and 20
11am to 6pm
Trinity Bellwoods Park
Queen and Crawford.

Many Many artists will be there. But only one Leah Gold, so make sure to come see my tent.

summer sketching overload

Sketches from Portland and Vancouver. and maybe one from Toronto.
Thank you to the many people who showed me amazing hospitality from Florida to Oregon to BC. You know that my door is always open.

Now that I'm back in Toronto, I'm working on getting the studio fully outfitted for encaustic classes, gearing up to start some new paintings, and thinking about doing some ink illustrations of the things that grab me each day at 310 Spadina. I spend every day in that building and it never ceases to amaze me how much activity fits into that place.

I read an article in the New Yorker today about how solitary confinement makes prisoners and monkeys (two great populations for psychological studies, apparently) go insane. Is that the unavoidable fate of the artist? Now you know why I'm always trying to get you to stop by the studio.

Sarah neither working nor eating Burger King. must mean the academy already ended.

An awesome drawing of me by Vanessa.

Waiting for my connection at LAX

Sam's kitchen and one of the many old movie marquees in portland.
With a tiny New Zealand orchid glued in, courtesy of Eric.

Boats at the Granville Island Marina.
This guy, a career fisherman about to head out to catch some crabs, offered to help me get started in "direct marketing". I think that means pyramid scheme. Count me in!

Sunbathing at the nude beach. The best part about Wreck is that all the vendors are naked too, so you're bound to have a nude dude with a cooler over his shoulder murmur softly into your ear: "jaggermeister, jaggerbombs, ice cold beer, marijuana".
Not that that's unusual for me.