Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Art on the Move Process work

The layout, more or less

The concept. My ink portraits (this is Nubia), the paintings framed in speech and thought bubbles, and words and stories woven throughout.

The first portrait: Tereza

It's March break so I have some time in the studio to work on Art on the Move. Art on the Move is cool. Arts Etobicoke and Lakeshore Arts are in charge; they match artists with community groups and with local business owners. The artist (in this case, me) conducts a series of workshops with the community group (the Senior's art group at the DPNC), takes the resultant art work, mashes it up, and turns it into a cohesive work of art to be printed on the local business owner's vehicle (the truck Brian uses for his contracting business).

We finished our painting workshops a couple weeks ago and I'm now working on bringing it all together. The theme we were working with was story telling and personal histories. I'll be combining their paintings with my own portraits of the participants themselves, and with banners woven through of words and stories recorded during the seven sessions.

I'm still working on the technique for the portraits. Feedback?


  1. Hi Leah. Graham sent me the link to your concepts. I have to say that I am very excited to have this artwork on my truck! You are extremely talented.

    I am out of the Province until April 1st but hope to see your progress upon my return.


  2. Thanks, Brian! Have a good trip, I can't wait to put together the final piece and set it free on your truck.