Friday, March 5, 2010

Encaustic Monotypes

Liz's monotypes

My examples done for Tuesday's encaustic class

The fancy new hotplate (fantastic birthday gift from the parentals).

Custom counters (bathed in heavenly light) built by yours truly, with lots of help from Mike MacCormack. Mike, you should know that Hanna was impressed by your patient carpentry teaching methods. Also on the topic of teacher reviews, the five-year-olds I work with told me this week that I'm becoming very charming. Just bragging.

Liz was here at the studio a couple nights ago working on some encaustic monotypes. The process goes a little something like this:

  1. Paint directly onto the hotplate with cakes of encaustic paint, or melt the encaustic paints in tins and paint onto the plate with a brush.
  2. Draw into the wash of paint using oil sticks or oil pastels.
  3. Press your paper (any medium weight paper suitable for printmaking) onto the mess of pigment and hot wax.


If you clean off the hotplate and lay your print on the hotplate face up, I bet you could manipulate the wax on the warm paper , and add some new layers as well (just a hypothesis, we haven't tried that yet).

Nice work, Liz.

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