Friday, March 5, 2010

Black and White and Gray all over (grey? gray?)

I haven't had too much time to paint recently, so when I had a few hours in the studio this week I decided to just paint without thinking anything through too much. I have some larger projects in mind, but these are just games I'm playing with found images. I was angry painting on Monday so her face got a little abused, but aside from the aggression I was taking out on the wood panel, I've been thinking about how to dissolve the figure into the background, or rather into the painted space around it. Draw attention to the illusionness of figurative painting- it is just paint, gooey luscious oil paint (try to refrain from tasting it). So the just paintness of it.

These will get further abuse (or love) with wax and glazing once they're totally dry. I'm hesitant to pour the beeswax on before that oil film has really set- I think the shifting oil and wood could probably crack it. microcrystalline would work but it's not what i'm going for here.

I was at the Artist Project last night with my mom and I ran into Zane Turner. Listening to him talk about how pivotal Susan Scott's class was and the discovery of Tony Scherman's work was funny, it was so similar to my own narrative (although his painting is INSANE).

We were down there to see Tamara Weller, a super impressive young sculptor in the emerging artist section. Check her out this weekend if you get a chance, she was already getting chatted up by gallery types on opening night.

And another one from our weekly drawing session:

Our laziest studio drawing session yet.

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